Free V Bucks generator update delay

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Free V Bucks generator updates delay

After considering a few updates in regards to our site, we’ve decided to stop updating the interface for a prolonged period. This was mainly due to the vast amount of requests we’ve received from the Contact Us form. The Free V Bucks Generator contact page is located on the top right corner of the homepage. A few important updates have come out since the site launch. The core 2.0 update is expected to be rolling out in the next few months. This one will bring functionality to the next level. For example, we are planning to include the “Username” checker feature, which will stop bots from overwhelming our site. This heavily depends on the core developer team, which works hard every Fortnite update. This created a bunch of other functionality bugs on the Free V-Bucks generator drop-down menus. We are currently migrating our servers to better hosting, which will be mainly focused on speed, functionality, and security. What’s the reason behind this?

Why this decision?

We are currently maintaining over 500 hundred community sites held on a few dedicated servers. This does heavily stress the servers as more than 50k+ people visit us every day. This created a stressful situation for the Free V Bucks generator forum members. As everyone wants to post something every day to earn their ranks, the unability to post is creating a delicate situation. We know it’s hard to maintain calm during the peak hours but to stay at zero costs, Free V Bucks hack has to serve ads on the site. The lesson I’ve learned after countless hours of developing is to avoid over-optimizing. This may confuse users and if you have many unneccessary features it’s more likely to break the site’s core. This is possibly the first working tool, we’ve tested a few websites by searching keyword “free V-Bucks generator” and only 2% of them did work.

If you want to make that free resources goal hustle-free, you may want to avoid fake tools. The benefits are pretty clear when discussing this topic. For example, you will waste your money away on a free game which will eventually die out at the end. The countless search time is over, as we’ve provided free v bucks hack available to the vast majority of gamers, it made everything much simpler.

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