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New Season, New updates

As far as we know, the Fornite game and mechanics engine will change to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system. Well, the final goal is to make Fortnite the same as the old versions. The new features are yet to be tested in small groups of beta players.
With this tempo, we can expect the new season and chapter to be starting on February 20. It is hard to predict new secrets that will have yet to come. We have to wait patiently.

At the end of the season, we can expect new two week challenges as well as overtime quests.

Maintenance schedule

We’ve scheduled 2-day maintenance after the new Fortnite update. This has to happen due to numerous developing reasons. The first reason is due to the enormous amount of traffic we are receiving. We want to ensure error-free communication between the v bucks generator servers. The developer team is currently in the process of implementing community fans’ ideas. The 2.0 update is still yet to come according to the news we’ve received from the leading developer team.

Interface update

The interface developer team is working on a simpler but more effective interface in terms of speed, security, and safety. The security measures we are now taking is directly implementing a proxy connection to the free v bucks generator servers to ensure no touching point is initialized between the user and the Epic Games servers. This will be a turning point in the security measures. After a series of testings and experiments, the final update is almost finished and is currently being tested by beta community testers.

As you can see, the current interface is looking nice, but it lacks some core features. As mentioned before, free v bucks generator requires the proxy button. A various amount of devices to pick is the top feature that makes our tool stand out from all the competitors.

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